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39th Annual Doll, Bear, Craft & Collectables FAIR


Our 39th Annual Fair was a great success in our new location at the Ribbonwood Centre in Dapto. Having plenty of onsite parking and easy access by public transport, helped us to bring in the crowds. With over 300 guests attending, we raised $6000 in funds to help us support local charities. Our club will decide over the next few meetings, which charities will be supported in 2023. We ran a very successful raffle, a unique Curiosity Table and sold lots of dolls from our Doll Rescue Table. A BIG thanks to all the people who have donated their dolls to our Club. Our Doll Nurse was also kept busy doing Free Doll Valuations. We would also like to thank all the traders that supported us. The range of dolls, bears and accessories available for sale at our fair was tremendous. And that really made the decision of what to buy very hard! We hope they had a successful day as well and look forward to their support next year at our 40th Annual Fair on 21st October 2023.

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